10,000+ piece Lego mosaic featuring Nintendo and Sega characters is up for $4,800

Who says that masterpieces in mosaic can be created only with the world’s largest paintbrush or diamonds or 24-carat gold tiles? You can also create a magnum opus with simple Lego pieces. Wanna guess what we found on Etsy, an e-commerce site for art and crafts? A handmade Lego mosaic loaded with Nintendo, Sega, and arcade characters! For blue-blooded gaming fans, this piece is one helluva’ an asset, and I bet you’d go crazy over it. The geeky art is an amalgam of 10,511 individual Lego pieces, each affixed to large grey Lego baseplates. The item has in all 15 such baseplates, each measuring 15” x 15”, the result is a multi-colored, wow-ing art creation. Would be an interesting piece of craft to sport in one of your gaming rooms ain’t it?

The artist who created this masterpiece remains anonymous, only details we have are a simple post with a brief description of the item on Etsy under “Mytemporaryshop”. And yes, the creator’s also mentioned that all profits from this sale would go toward his/her friend’s school project, as she is raising money to send her class to Africa next year. How thoughtful! So if either of you is interested to purchase this one-of-a-kind work of art, its available for an approx. $4,800 over Etsy. Happy shopping!

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[Available at Etsy and Technabob]