Light up your bathroom with Toto’s LED ceiling mounted shower

The new LED ceiling mounted showerhead by Toto, is what new-age-showers are all about. With no external power source, this ceiling mounted shower is a hydro powered self-generating LED lighting system and is ridiculously glamorous.

Toto launches smart ceiling-mounted showerheads 2
The shower comes with a 11-inch spray face and is a single spray showerhead made of rubber nozzles which prevents lime scale build up. The fact that they are hydro powered makes it sustainable and long lasting, which means no wasting of energy the for a cool and relaxing shower experience anymore.
Toto launches smart ceiling-mounted showerheads 3
Sounds like something I would bring home, if not for the steep price tag of $2,360!
Toto launches smart ceiling-mounted showerheads 4

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[Available at : Toto USA Via : The Gadget Flow]

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