Limited edition toilet paper that serves a good cause

Australian bred-and-born ‘Who Gives A Crap’ has grabbed some attention this week with their vibrant re-usable toilet paper wrappers. While you may think – what’s in a wrapper? We’ll tell you there’s a dual purpose. For one, the start-up by Simon Griffith plans to invest half of its profits into improving sanitation facilities in developing countries. The set-of-four can be crafted to create a hanging mobile, a pair of toilet-roll glasses, a fortune-teller, some party balls or an envelope designed by Beci Orpin.

Roping in Beci Orpin was definitely a great idea – she is after all one of Melbourne’s much loved designers. “Beci has an incredible design aesthetic and she’s written several books about craft projects,” says Griffiths. “We thought it was a perfect fit for the afterlife of our toilet paper – for our customers to find fun ways to re-use the wrappers.”
Children from nations such as Timor, Papua, New Guinea and Nepal will be educated about sanitation – a prominent issue facing developing countries these days. “It’s a huge problem,” says Griffiths, “but it’s something people don’t talk about because it’s a relatively disgusting thing. It’s not sexy like clean water is, with kids drinking out of a tap for the first time.”

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Click to purchase the limited edition designs beginning September 15!

[ Via : Broadsheet]

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