Love it or leave it? This chair is inspired by the Dark Knight himself!

Designed by Constance Guisset for Matière Grise, this simple looking chair has an intriguing story behind it. The curved seat and backrest of the chair are inspired by the mask and cape of one of the world’s most famous superheros: Batman! Guisset’s aim was to create a chair that was lightweight but strong and durable.

He Batchair is stackable and made of powder coated steel. Fold lines on the corners of the seat and backrest give the chair a distinctive look despite its simplicity. These folds are designed to give a “cape-like” curve to the chair. Available in 27 different colors, the chair is part of Matière Grise’s Ankara collection.

There are definitely things to love about this chair from the simple and versatile design to the wide range of colors. But if you’re reading this article as a Batman superfan, you’ll know by now that there’s nothing much to see here. Bruce Wayne might find a place for this smart piece of furniture in his boardrooms or even his mansion, but this chair is way too basic for our favorite masked crusader!


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