Love Your Home: Designing a Bedroom with Style Quotient

Your bedroom represents the oasis of relaxation that you are desperately seeking after a long day spent at the office. Aside from the fact that it ensures a few hours of much-needed rest and an increased level of comfort, your bedroom tells your guests who you really are. Even the tiniest details, like the small paintings framed and mounted on your walls, your photo frame placed on your nightstand and your duvet covers and pillow shams, reveal your taste and unique sense of style. According to Apartment Therapy, the color of your bedding reflects your personality.

A fully-furnished room will always serve as a mirror of the homeowner’s personal preferences. So how could you prove that you love your home and enjoy every single minute spent in it? The answer is simple: design a stylish bedroom serving both aesthetical and practical purposes. Some of the basic changes implied by this project are easy to implement and don’t involve enormous expenses. If a bedroom redesign project is currently listed as one of your top priorities, here are a few suggestions that you may want to focus on.

1. Set up and Follow a Color Theme. Have you ever wondered what manages to differentiate a dull, stressful bedroom from a room of the same size that is considered a relaxing and soothing environment? Colors can change the overall look and feel of your indoor space; this is precisely why it is extremely important to establish and follow a color scheme revolving around your favorite shades that actually make sense together. Pick your color theme based on the benefits of the tones that it incorporates. For instance, white has a calming effect, blue ensures a deeper state of relaxation, while pink and red allow you to stay focused and replenish your energy. Make sure that all new additions (new linens, furniture, decorative items and so on) fit your color scheme and form an aesthetically pleasing unitary whole.

2. Buy and Use Color-Coordinated Duvet Covers and Pillow Shams. Always try to buy duvet covers and pillow shams in sets. Otherwise, finding individual color coordinated pieces can be quite a hassle. To maintain the same style for years in a row, choose to buy these bedding essentials from the same provider. For instance, Goodearth duvet covers from Goodearth will surprise you with a great variety of appealing models displaying various motifs available in some of the most relaxing colors, including calming shades of blue, mint green and the most vivid shades of pink and red, suitable for modern, elegant bedrooms.

3. Analyze Your Sleep Style before Buying New Duvets and Pillow Cases. Looks are not everything. According to a buying guide provided by John Lewis, comfort is a major selection criterion that you should factor in when it comes to buying duvet covers and pillowcases; therefore, you should take your sleep style into consideration before making a purchase. For instance, if you sleep on your back, you could settle for a medium-firm quality pillow with a soft sham. On the other hand, if you are pillow-hugging sleeper, you may want to invest in the silkiest, most delicate pillow sham that you could ever find on the market. Furthermore, any bedding expert will tell you that the “fill power” of a duvet is extremely important. An increased fill power represents the equivalent of a superior quality. For instance, a duvet for summer use will have a tog rating ranging from 3 to 4.5, according to Yahoo Answers. Such options are ideal for kids who often complain about the fact that they get too hot in bed, and also for adults who would rather use a cooler duvet. For these categories of buyers, lightweight duvet covers are an excellent alternative year-round.

4. Measure Your Pillows and Duvets before Investing in Covers and Shams. Before buying your favorite duvet cover, you should make sure that it is compatible with your duvet. Ill-fitted pillow cases and duvet covers complicate the bed making process and can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. For this reason, it is mandatory to measure your pillows and duvet twice prior to spending your money on a cover or a sham. Goodearth duvet covers and pillow shams come in various sizes, making it easier for you to select the best fitting products.

5. Select Your Favorite Materials from a Plentitude of Appealing Options. Last but not least, don’t forget to analyze materials. From a practical standpoint, flannel covers are suitable for harsh winters. Cotton options are considered a great pick year-round, especially for families living in areas with an overall friendly climate. For people with sophisticated taste, silk covers are also available in a rainbow of colors. If you have a thing for versatile designs that will never go out of fashion, don’t forget to take a closer look at the cotton Goodearth duvet covers guaranteeing a superior level of comfort 24/7 and a classier bedroom with minimal expenses.

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