Luxury screen cleaners give you a clearer picture

There have been a number of times when we must have refused to buy a Plasma TV on the grounds that we don’t have enough money or time to spend on its care. Well, now you can afford the care of your delicate LCD screens, thanks to this new luxury-cleaning product. The all-new Screen Cleaning Fluid by AM Denmark Screen Cleaners is the answer to all your cleaning woes. It is available in two varieties: Easy Care that comes in black or white and One Care. The best part of this Liquid is that it is formulated with an alcohol-free, water-based cleaner that won’t cause any damage to your expensive 42″ Plasma. The smart and sleek design of the bottles adds that much needed luxurious touch to this genius product

The Easy Care bottle costs £20 ($33) while the One Care bottle costs £15 ($24). Refills are also available at just £6 ($10). These amazing Cleaners are available at Curry’s or John Lewis. So go ahead and give your Plasma screen that much needed touch up of luxury.