M.150 is the world’s first LED 3D active projection system to enhance your interiors

Being an amateur photography enthusiast, I love experimenting with light a lot. Maybe that’s why the SIM2 Video Interior Design System is something I found quite interesting. The company (not to be confused with SIMS2, which is a popular video game) has come up with the M.150, a projection system which they say “moves beyond traditional home cinema.” The set up features the world’s first active 3D LED Full HD DLP-based Projector, which is accented by painting walls of a home with light and images. Once ready, you can project photographs, art, mood lighting, or movies onto the walls as the setup features the first-of-its-kind 3D active LED-based system.

Press release states, ‘The M.150’s advanced DLP imaging technology allows customers to indulge their creative side. Whether it’s painting their homes with light and color, creating their own personal digital art gallery, or enjoying their favorite movies or sports, each becomes a rich, fulfilling emotional experience at the touch of a button. With its generous palette of vivid color and light, the M.150 can add subtle visual ambiance, or create a bright, colorful reproduction of your choice of digital imagery.’
Priced at $28,000, the M.150 is perfect for those who wanted a massive home entertainment system.
Thanks Sue Toscano

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