Madeline Weinrib and Savior Beds collaborate for an exclusive bedding collection

While the familiar is comforting for few, it certainly tends to build boredom if not contempt for many others. If like us, you too are tired of the same old bedding in your room, here’s your chance to add the missing dash of glamour to them sheets! Quiet recently, the pattern queen of the world- Madeline Weinrib has partnered with Savior beds for creating an exclusive bedding line, that if nothing is sure to make the artist in you come alive!

Known for her uber-classy takes on ikats and Ottoman patterns, Weinrib has rendered her creative touches to carpets, textiles, and apparel for years now. In her recent collaboration with London-based bedding expert- Savior, she will be seen re-doing bedding silhouettes like never before! Speaking of her designer aesthetics, Weinrib also quoted – “The headboard is like an empty canvas, so I chose patterns that would look good on the large space.” Along with a heady mix of patterns, she also assures that her fabrics are au naturel and as organic as possible.

As part of the novel collection, Weinrib has draped the company’s Harlech frame in her Bara Black & Hazelnut and Black Foxtrot patterns, which certainly come for a price so big that it can only be hushed. Either ways, if you determined to buy your own Weinrib X Savior bed, be ready to roll out $18,473.89. A price probably worth paying for the best sleep in the world!


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