Maier Luxury faucets with Swarovski floral motifs for a blinged wash

Gold has always been a symbol of opulence and when fused with Swarovski crystals, it can augment the luxe element of any makeover with ease. You too can glamorize your bathroom with Luxury faucet by Maier. This Spanish company has designed the dazzling fixtures for today’s luxury bathrooms. Studded with 1720 Swarovski crystals in floral patterns, the basin mixer will not fail to grab attention. Even the bath and shower mixture will stand out in your bath area. Don’t forget to take a shower or wash hands while admiring these stunning accessories.

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Along with the Luxury model, the Surf and Skip Diamond faucets are also decked up with different Swarovski decorations. You can order any of them in Chrome, Gold, or Satin Gold finishes.
The company states that each Maier faucet comes with its Certificate of Guarantee for 5 years. So you don’t need to worry much about the way its handled by curious guests who will find an excuse to wash hands more than often.
Thanks Marco