Make your lavish buffet more opulent with the Swarovski Crystal Carafine Quintet

If you are planning a Swarovski makeover for your kitchen, you can start with Nesmuk cooking knifes, go on to a INO Meulable or a Crystal25 kitchen, place a few AlfaLux Ceramiche tiles, get a Neiman Marcus Swarovski Crystal Toaster. But if you plan frequent buffets and want to show off with some bling get yourself a buffet piece from Frilich’s Swarovski Elements range. The Carafine Quintet comes studded with Swarovski crystals on its stainless steel base and atop each lid holding the5 carafe bottles with pouring spouts. The center features a cooling crushed ice tub to keep your beverages fresh and your containers drip free.

You can use it as a wine sampler for lavish dinners or a lavish breakfast platter for a family reunion. From drinks to justices to milk, make self service fun and classy! Each Swarovski Crystal Carafine Quintet is priced at $1,665.

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