Meet the future of bathroom fixtures, the Frattini’s Nomos F4101, complete with touchscreen and more

For the affluent tech enthusiast who just can’t get enough of a touchscreen, perhaps the Nomos F4101 from Fima Carlo Frattini will help them add that extra teched-out touch to their home with the company’s latest, high-tech bathroom fixtures. The F4101 is by far one of the most advanced faucets out there. Using a touchscreen, the faucet has been designed to do more than simply dish out water to wash away the day’s grime.

1-future of bathroom fixtures the Frattini Nomos F4101
This electronic bathroom faucet will allow the user to not only regulate the water flow rate and water temperature but also program personal settings into the system and even check water consumption. Other features also include an on-screen one-touch function that will disperse water at precisely 38°C. This might also be the only faucet in the world that has a built in alarm that would go off in case there’s something amiss with the system; perhaps that could mean a warning so that you don’t accidentally end up putting your hands under water that’s either too cold or too hot and not just right; remember that old fairy-tale about the bears?
3-future of bathroom fixtures the Frattini Nomos F4101
Fima Carlo Frattini has announced two models in the series, so along with the F4101, is the F4102 electronic sink faucet with a slightly different design i.e. it has a pivoting spout. All other features remain the same.
4-future of bathroom fixtures the Frattini Nomos F4101
Designed by Castiglia associati, both of these fantastically fabulous and fascinating faucets come with the company’s 7-year warranty. Prices are available on request via the company website. So if you’re ever wondering what to get a techie who has everything, chances are this would make the perfect gift.

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