Mercedes-Benz Style Furniture Collection finally steps foot in Milan

The Mercedes-Benz Furniture Collection that we were so eagerly awaiting on has finally been unveiled at the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” for the period of April 17-22 in Milan. All the pieces in the Collection reflect progressive, dynamic design patterns that are characteristic to the Mercedes-Benz line. The new Furniture Collection is great for all those who go by branded furniture with strong and classic ergonomics.

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There are about eight components in the Mercedes-Benz Style Furniture Collection including Sofa Class (three-seater) MBS 001, Dining table MBS 002, Chair MBS 003, Bed MBS 004, Sideboard MBS 005, Chaise Lounge MBS 006, Chest of Drawers MBS 007 and Home theatre system MBS 008.