Money counter to count all your money at 600 bills a minute!

This is not necessarily something you might want to purchase unless you are into robbing banks and then need to count your money but just by chance anything you do involves you having counting large stacks of cash and little time to count it, this could come in handy. The AccuCounter V30 is a battery-powered currency counter that’s capable of counting and adding up to 600 bills a minute. A basic LCD display shows the running tally and it also includes a triple counterfeit detection system for ultraviolet, watermark, and magnetic ink verification. Although that supposedly has to be done manually.

On battery power, the counter will operate for about 20 hours of continuous use, but it also comes with an AC adapter if your latest financial venture was particularly successful. Also, this is ideal for protecting your business against counterfeit losses. If you are interested you can find it at for $95.99. It comes with a year-long warranty.