At $57,500 this is the most expensive pillow in the world

There are expensive items worth splurging on and then there are expensive items that you just can’t comprehend the price tag it comes with. One such thing is this pillow we came across. It costs a whopping USD 57,535. Would you spend your moolah on the world’s most expensive pillow if it supposedly comes with a good night’s sleep?

Now it’s expensive for a reason of course. Neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst crafted the pillows using 3D scanning technology to determine the precise shape required and moulded them out of non-toxic Dutch memory foam. Each pillow is covered in hand-stitched Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton, and 24-carat gold. The zipper comes studded with four diamonds and a huge 22.5-carat sapphire. Talk about a luxurious night’s sleep!

…and If you need to carry your pillow with you when you’re away on a trip, there’s even a custom made Louis Vuitton case. Whether you want to buy it or not, we reckon it’s worth a look. You can see the pillow at the INDEX Design Series at the Dubai World Trade Centre between Monday 22 and Thursday 25 May.

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