Check out this antique designer lamp that retails at a whopping $2.8 million

Would you spend enormous proportions of money on a designer lamp that will probably cost you a lifetimes worth? For those of you who answered that in the positive, here’s a zillionaire gentleman that clearly belongs to your clan of classy (or crazy?). In a recently held auction at Christie’s, New York, a wealthy lover of collectible’s scored an antique lamp for a cool $ 2.8 million! Out of all the things that that kind of money can buy you, the anonymous man chose to buy himself a singular unit of a rare lamp. While, this may sound bizarrely stupid to many, those with an eye for the antique may beg to differ.

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The lamp in question after all, is the Pink Lotus, created by the revered Tiffany Studios in 1906. A lone piece of this exclusive lamp was originally commissioned by the Wrigley family in 1905 from the Tiffany Studios, New York. From times immemorial, Tiffany lamps are known to be pricey objects that only a few could make their own. Made using the innovative ‘copper foil’ technique, individual pieces of cut glass are edged in copper foil and soldered together for creating the final artwork in the form of these unique lamps at Tiffany’s.

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Pink Lotus here is a display of a mosaic shade pattern of eight lotus flowers, created using 2,000 individually hand-crafted glass pieces. It comes with a bronze base in a height of 34 inches and a diameter of 28 inches, and features twelve lights and no less than eight of Tiffany’s patented Favrile glass globes. And for being priced at $ 2.8 million it is probably the most expensive table lamp ever sold. Whether or not spending that kind of reserve on the lamp makes sense, its beauty and awe-inspiring intricacy can certainly not be disputed!


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