NanoBrewMaster: the home brew station is the best gizmo ever for beer drinkers

You know you are blessed when products are made to satisfy your never-ending thirst for beer! Known as the NanoBrewMaster: the homebrew station, it is a 15-gallon beer-making monster. This amazing gadget is great for amateurs as all you have to do is dump in the basic inputs of any beer: hops, yeast, and water and the onboard computer system regulates the ingredients, monitors their distribution (including chilling and heating), and then produces beer! Made of stainless steel, hardwoods, and recessed lighting, this design is definitely stunning. It is so spectacular you can even use it as a centerpiece in your home. This superb gizmo can serve 15 gallons of the same beer or 7.5 gallons of two different beers thanks to a pair of built-in taps.

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And no you don’t even need to spend hours cleaning this gadget; the Clean In Place system of this gadget sterilizes all connectors and containers with the flick of a switch.
This structure measuring up to two feet wide and eight feet wide is definitely a must-buy for any beer lover. The best part is the undisclosed purchase price includes five types of beer.

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