New Multi Table with iPad inserts for your sophisticated boardroom

You might’ve used iPad nestled inside your super-luxury vehicle, but have you ever used it for important presentations? You can ensure that your office becomes ultra modern by getting a Multi Table for your board room or conference room that enables up to 16 participants to get access to iPads. Cast out of Melamini or Corian for better quality and luxury, you can pick up the table in over a 100 colors. Moreover, the iPad inserts can be picked up with Kogrodesign anti theft lock and docking mechanisms as well.

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Corain is a solid surface material created by the company called DuPont, which is primarily used for “kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and wall cladding in showers”. However since it can be molded to any shape and yet looks classy, you can get it custom-made to suit the look and décor of your conference room as well.

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