Norlan’s whiskey glass blends the snifter and tumbler into one novel product

Whiskey connoisseurs can vouch for the two conventional type of glasses used when devouring a glass of the spirit; the narrow Glencairn snifter, designed for pushing aromas up toward the nose, and the tumbler, which feels more natural to hold. Until now, since both were detached, one could either enjoy your whiskey nose-down, or you can enjoy it socially, with the more casual tumbler in hand.

Fortunately for us, Brian Fichtner and Shane Bahng, innovators behind the newly launched Norlan Glass, believe you should benefit from both. Raising funds on Kickstarter, their novelty product inculcates the aerating characteristics of the snifter with the functionality of the tumbler to fashion one brilliant, double-walled whiskey glass.
While a pair of Norlan glasses will be sold for a market price of $48 soon, we hear an early bird contribution of $35 on Kickstarter is the ongoing trend.

[ Via : Fastcodesign ]

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