Only in Japan – Lacquered luxury toilet seats are in vogue

Japan’s love for the bizarre doesn’t seem to know many bounds. After introducing us to quirky fusion foods and eccentric art forms, the country is now set to unveil its own (and barely conventional) take on toilets. Here to give the humble pot an artistic Japanese makeover is Sakamoto Co. that has recently created ‘Bidocoro’ – a luxury toilet that comes painted in lacquer.

Bidocoro, which is a fusion of words ‘bidet’ and ‘Kokoro’ meaning spirit or mind in Japanese is a methodically painted piece of Lacquerware or shiki, as better known in Japan. The Tochigi-based firm has manufactured the extravagant pot by mainly keeping in mind the foreign clientele and various tourists that visit the country from across the globe. The makers also hope that hotels and other facilities that cater towards such visitors would likely install the uber-luxe john. In line with this aim, Sakamoto has also been conducting a test marketing project with a toilet in a shop in Nikko- the country’s popular tourist destination.

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While the standard Bidocoro can be seen in a tomato red and gold, the company has also unveiled a more expensive version that comes decorated with lacquerware art, gold dust and Swarovski crystals at the annual Hotel and Restaurant Show in Tokyo last month. These luxe toilets are estimated to be priced anywhere between ¥330,000 and a ¥770,000, depending on the colors, patterns, and type of lacquer used. All said, the supreme craftsmanship coupled with the hefty price tag sure make the Bidocoro a royal pot of sorts!

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