Opale by Sand & Birch: A contemporary wine cellar

Italian design studio Sand & Birch has designed a beautiful wine cellar for Ellemme Cantine, after their collaboration. The new wine cellar is christened Opale and is the perfect cellar for a modern home with contemporary décor. The ultra-luxurious refrigerated wine cellar resembles a precious black stone wedged and gem-set in a white. Opale’s vertical body’s elliptical shape and the roundness of its foothold set it apart from many other wine cellars that are available today. The 2meter high cellar can store up to 100 bottles of wine. Besides the unique design, Opale also boasts hi-tech features like an automatic door that can be activated by a remote control-zapper or even by touch.

The beautiful designer wine cellar is projected and built from metal and hard polyurethane. The door glass is exclusively made of insulating glass that offers different levels of thermal and light insulation.
Opale can self manage temperature controls and specific humidity of all red, white, and sparkling wines in an intelligent cellar. What is more, the interior of Opale is lit up by LED lights. A beautiful design, the Opale wine cellar is modern, futuristic, and yet extremely classy.

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