Not just a good night’s sleep – This futuristic looking $2,000 bed will also heal your mind with spatial audio and low-frequency vibrations

Now more than ever, connoisseurs across the globe are looking to invest in tools that aid healing and meditation. And providing them an opportunity to do just that is Yves Behar with a foldable Opus SoundBed that is crafted especially for healing practices.

Designed to appear less as a therapy tool and more like a stylish accessory that fits anywhere, the Opus SoundBed can be compressed down to the size of an ottoman pouf. When fully opened, it can provide an at-home multisensorial experience that “recharges the body and restores the nervous system.”

Combining ‘Spatial Sound and Vibration with Proven Healing Practices,’ the experience is powered by the Opus Journeys app. In addition to the listed features, the SoundBed also allows users to set personal goals, activate therapy sessions, and even sign up for remote therapy events and live events with leading experts in mindfulness, relationships, peak performance, and more.

Commenting on it, designer Yves Behar said, “The SoundBed™ is a healing product and platform that my team and I designed with OPUS to empower users to take control of their emotional health and alleviate physical tension through immersive SoundHealing™. It delivers a wellness-centered experience for healing and mindfulness, and by combining OPUS’ technology with an elevated form factor that is accessible for daily use, we are increasing the ease with which anyone can tap into holistic wellness and healing at home.”

Retailing at $1999, the OPUS SoundBed is available to pre-order starting today.

[Learn more at Feel Opus]

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