Oversized six-screen video wall – Affordable luxury for sports buffs

Sports fans will probably appreciate and even be inspired by this family who opted for a six-screen video wall in their home. This unique hi-tech wall allows the family to watch six different shows or sports or opt to put a single image on the entire wall for a bigger view of the action. This wall has earned the family a nomination in the Home of the Year Awards 2009. The credit for this ingenious creation and its installation goes to the custom electronics pros at Hi-Tech Home in Clovis, California. The wall consists of six individual 42-inch Panasonic flat-panel displays, mounted in two horizontal rows of three and each TV is connected to its own DirecTV high-def satellite receiver. The display features circuitry which enables to create one merged image on all six TVs or just four (leaving two TVs free to display two different programs).

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An affordable luxury, the Panasonic units chosen for the job each have a 1.5-inch bezel, creating a 3-inch gap between the TVs. What is more, there is no fancy remote to operate this display either. Hi-Tech opted for a basic touchpanel from Control4 which has two buttons, “multiple” and “merged. Finishing touches were added by two Solid Drive speakers from Induction Dynamics which were mounted completely behind the ceiling drywall, Somfy motorized window shades, and dimmable lighting. The motion sensor sets the lights on automatically whenever someone walks into the room.
This entire remarkable feat was achieved at an extremely affordable cost of just $15,000 which includes equipment, programming and labor!

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