Pamper yourself with the Duravit Inipi Sauna

After a long and stressful day at work, all you want to do is unwind. One of the best options for such relaxation is pampering your senses with an exceptional sauna experience. Duravit Inipi is one of those saunas that brings this luxury to the comfort of your home. It derives its inspiration from the ‘Inipi’ tradition of ancient American Indians who used to pour steaming hot water on rocks for their ceremonial cleansing. However, this ancient ritual now has a few modern touches to it like LEDs for lighting, touchscreen panels, a nice wooden base, and glass incorporated in the design.

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Duravit Inipi Sauna_1.jpg
This sauna will certain relieve all the stress and anxiety of the modern life. It’s sleek looks make it pleasing to the eye as well.

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