Panasonic’s Restino sleep environmental system costs the same arm and leg you wish to rest, but peace of mind is guaranteed

The technology age has taken over many aspects of our lives, and that includes sleeping. Panasonic’s new “sleep environmental system” is a ridiculously extravagant boudoir setting and a system called Restino that’s been developed with Professor Lin Guang Xu of the Hiroshima University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. This rather elaborate system consisting of electronics up the whazoo includes sensors embedded into the mattress to gauge movement, light sensors, audio via built-in speakers, and timers to control all of these. Here’s how it works, and we’ll skip the getting into your jammies part; when the system is switched on, the bed is then set to provide a certain amount if sensation to the body by giving heat and vibrations to help you relax by checking the air temperature (since it’ll be hooked up to your aircon as well). The lights and audio will determine the settings for sleep accordingly to lead you off to la-la land.

The sensors on the bed will detect your motion i.e., when you stop moving enough to determine if you’ve passed out. Then the system will douse the light and sound show automatically. You can set an alarm of sorts as a wake-up call, that’s nothing new; only this system wakes up a little earlier and goes on the alert with sounds of water running (not like a leaky faucet, think forest, babbling brook etc.), birds chirping the whole morning orchestra that a city dweller would probably never hear. This is designed to make you’re waking moments more refreshing. Personally I’d head straight for the loo if I woke with the sound of running water in my head, as for the climate controlled bed and built in vibration-type system, well, that’s going to wake me up a whole other set of feelings. All of this bedroom luxury will set you back a whopping $11,000 which includes a 5-inch LCD screen built-in as well. Is all that worth just a good night’s sleep? The Japanese think so.

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