Parnian Furniture unveils the world’s most expensive bed priced at over $210,000

When it comes to the luxury market, manufacturers are competing with one another to create the best luxury products and the most expensive. This race has led Arizonian based furniture manufacturer Parnian Furniture to create what they claim is the world’s most expensive bed. Unveiled at the manufacturer’s Scottsdale showroom, this bed leaves you awestruck not just with its price but design as well. Depending on the features and materials selected, the World’s Most Expensive Bed price can reach over $210,000. The furniture manufacturer’s president, Abdolhay Parnian, took over 2 years to design this pricey bed. Artisans then spent over 8 months turning this design into a reality. Crafted entirely by hand, this luxurious bed can be termed as one high-end piece of functional art.

When it comes to choosing the materials and features, the customers are definitely spoilt for choice as the manufacturer offers everything from built-in iPad holders, charging stations, pop-up and swivel TV’s and computer monitors, to hidden compartments, gold and stainless steel detailing as well as custom handmade mattress options with all-natural materials including wool, cotton, latex, and horsehair.
The bed on display at the showroom is made with Ebony, Sapele, and Curly Maple finished in a glossy lacquer finish. It is equipped with two LED touch light switches, one for backlight and one to illuminate the two attached floating nightstands with drawers. But it’s the beautifully crafted sunburst inlay that takes your breath away. One can imagine the intricate detailing involved in the woodwork to achieve this design.
Truly bespoke, this bed wins our vote for being the most expensive and the most luxurious bed in the world. So that you know, the prices for this luxurious bed start at $38,000.

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