Pataviumart’s Mask Chandelier celebrates the Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice was revived in 1979 by the Italian government and has grown from strength to strength. The last weekend of the carnival features the competition for the best mask, also known as “La Maschera più bella.” This Chandelier by Pataviumart has been created to celebrate this great carnival, drawing from the traditions of Venice. The carnival draws an international audience and is an exquisite affair represented in this sophisticated chandelier. A Venetian company using silk, crystal, and precious metals has created this incredible chandelier. The Chandelier is a tribute to the whimsical atmosphere of the Venetian Carnival. The chandelier has the traditional eight arms with Murano glass crystal detailing; the lampshades have been made by hand with the finest silks. The most distinctive aspect of this creation is the eight masks, all hand-painted and embellished with metal crowns, silver powder,r and pearl strands of crystal.
This chandelier is a true representation of the essence of the Venice carnival and has been created in the traditional Venetian manner. It comes in two colors; one in warm tones of purple and pink and the other in the more austere silver and ivory gold. This incredible hand made creation retails for $11,500 excluding VA.T

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