Peugeot designs a $186,000 Sofa made out of 11,000 year old volcanic lava and carbon fiber

More than eleven thousand years ago when the volcanoes were still active at the Auvergne region in France, the volvic stone filtered the water from its source. Centuries later, the age-old robust volvic stone has been married to hi-tech carbon fiber by the Peugeot Design Lab to create ONYX sofa. The first in a line of made to measure furniture, the 10 feet long sofa marks as a distillation of the earth made of Volvic volcanic rock in a hybrid mix with lacquered black carbon.

The fabled rock, resistant to freezing and chemical products has been adjusted it its dimensions and proportions to create the 800-pound seat that is terse and unique improved by the digital dimension.

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Designed by Pierre Gimbergues, the sofa took 70 days to complete. The ONYX sofa costs 135,000 € (or $185,585) and will be presented for the first time at the Milan Design Week 2014 (Apr 8-13).
With the ONYX sofa, Peugeot is drawing a thread between the 600 Horsepower ONYX concept car and the made to measure furniture. Peugeot is one of the rare brands in the world able to claim 200 years of industrial creativity. Peugeot has designed and manufactured thousands of objects like piano, bicycles, tools,; all of which are evidence of the company’s multi-faceted industrial know-how.

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[Peugeot-Designlab Via Fastcodesign]

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