Planar debuts innovative Planar Mosaic LCD tiles: High-tech wall art

With this new offering from Planar, you are sure to forget about paintings and art works of yore.

Yes, with Planar’s latest breaking innovation, the Planar Mosaic LCD tiles can be categorized as avant-garde wall art. The innovative high-tech tiles not only come in different shapes and sizes and can be arranged on a pattern of your choice, they also boast of proprietary software that allows you to program and display your choice of video or image on all the screens.

Planar offers three models for its unique LCD video wall creation—Planar Salvador, the Planar Pablo, and the Planar Vincent. Planar Salvador is perfect for large surfaces as it is a square LCD that measures 15.6 inches on each side. The Planar Pablo boasts a rectangular shape and measures 40 inches wide, while the Planar Vincent is also rectangular in shape and is 48-inches wide.

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With the Mosaic Ensemble proprietary software and hardware’s help, the tiles can be rotated at any angle and mounted in any position. The mounting system boasts auto-alignment posts that enable you to install this system anywhere and in any position without any trouble.
The beautifully exquisite Planar Mosaic LCD tiles will be on display at the the Digital Signage Expo 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 6-9 and will be available for sale by spring 2012. An innovation and leap in video wall technology, this offering from Planar is truly a class apart.
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