Play-n-Dine with style on the Ping-Pong Dining table

Using the dining table as your after-lunch game table with your siblings isn’t a new concept. Just that it is redefined and restructured with the Ping-Pong Dining Table that is designed to serve both as a Dining table and a Ping-Pong table. The hand-lathered Timber table features French Rococo patterns interjected with Ping-Pong Iconography filled with Gold lacquer. The long rectangular vase filled with dainty blossoms in the middle works both as a game-net and a table-floral arrangement.

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The Ping-Pong dining table reinstates grandeur and pomp with neo-classical inspired embellishments and high tech marble-like Corian. Designer Hunn Wai has collaborated with Mein Gallery, that is responsible for showcasing works of young and upcoming designers.

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