Poesy bed by Philippe Boulet will light up your room in a unique way

Instead of opting for colorful lighting fixtures, here is a great and extremely fun alternative. French designer, Philippe Boulet has designed the unique Illuminated furniture collection that is sure to light up your homes in the most extraordinary way. The designer who is known for using LED technology to light up antique looking pieces of furniture has created another wonder with this collection. The Poesy bed from his collection displays how skillfully and artistically the designer incorporates the LED technology into pieces of furniture. Philippe himself describes this bed as being a “poem” to modern living. The Poesy bed with LED lights has a remote control that lets you change the colors of the lights as well as to program the lighting of the bed at the time of your choice. An exquisite creation, it is definitely a unique way to light up your home.

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Since the price is not been disclosed yet, we can only wait and wonder how much moolah this unique collection will cost. But considering the technology, I don’t think it’s coming cheap at all.