Poseidon patio heater with a built-in media player for outdoor entertainment

To chase away the chilly times during the winters, Chillchaser has come out with their latest patio heater. Dubbed Poseidon, this eco-friendly heater scores high with a built-in media player. Who says winters are meant to stay indoors to watch television? Place it out on the patio, and you won’t have to miss out on your favorite soap or soccer match while feeling cozy too. The plug-in heater also makes use of carbon fiber heating and offers soft instant heat. The replaceable elements are designed to last at least 5,000 hours. Leaving no carbon footprint behind, the Poseidon is designed to deliver focused heat. Such a heater is also good for well-being as carbon fiber heating is the most natural, versatile, and healthy form of heat. This helps to maintain body vitality and increase metabolic function without side effects. For £850 ($1,500), it stands 78 inches tall and gets its juice from a standard 220 – 240V electric supply.

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