Prefab Paco Mini Studio: Your very own crib

Your own crib does not always have to summon images of estranged husbands hiding from their families, video-game addicted youth, and the so called parasite singles. (Adult children living off their parents) The Prefab Paco captures a totally different and positive perspective on the idea of private space. Paco is a prefab cube designed to function as a space within a space, a recluse to spend a few quiet moments. Paco was created by an award winning designer Jo Nagasaka and the Schemata architecture firm, so there is a lot to count on the design aspect. The 3 square meter white cube has all features that make it your second home away from home, such as a kitchen, folding table, secret toilet, umbrella style shower attachment and a hammock for sleeping. Now that’s something we call versatile.

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If you think you’re getting claustrophobic, there’s even a “convertible top” so you can take advantage of natural light and some fresh air. If you are seeking to get away from your first home, you do have to pay a premium; that of $68,000.