Racepresso: Concept Ferrari Espresso machine

Caffeine addicted Ferrari fans; this creation is just for you – a Ferrari Espresso machine that will leave you awestruck with its design. Although yet a concept, this delightful creation that brings together Ferrari and espresso, is smartly dubbed the Racepresso. Brainchild of designer Ilgar Rustamov, the Racepresso has been crafted to resemble Formula 1 superstar Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari helmet when he was the brands driver.
Flaunting the famed prancing horse logo, the Racepresso zooms into your hearts and minds with its amazing looks and design. The unique idea of shaping the machine as a helmet has definitely appealed to me and I am sure F1 fans will find it hard to resist as well.

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Now let’s just hope Ferrari gives the Racepresso a thought.