Rialto from Brunswick and Berkline promises ultimate comfort

There is nothing like enjoying a good movie in your home on a neat recliner with a big tub of popcorn. I am of the opinion that comfortable seats make a whole lot of difference to a movie experience. And I am the sorts to actually walk off if the seats are uncomfortable. So for the fusspots like me, Brunswick has unveiled its line of theater seating. The Rialto is just one of the many recliners that Brunswick has developed in collaboration with well known recliner manufacturer, Berkline. The plush pillow-top chair back, crafted of high-density foam wrapped with ultra-soft foam and soft-fiber layer, molds to your body promising nothing but comfort. With additional features like cup holders and a chair base, these seats promise to transform your home entertainment experience. Available in seven leather styles, variety of colors and a leather/vinyl combination for extra durability, the company also offers you the option to choose between straight or wedge-shaped arms. So customize your chair according to your wish and space requirements and relax on this extremely luxurious recliner.

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Priced at $1,250, these chairs are definitely worth a buy. Contact the Brunswick website for additional details.