Safety First: We’re busting common myths about storing your valuables in safes

You love the finer things in life; your collection of fine jewelry, an array of luxe watches and even a few ultra-expensive handbags. That’s all well and good, but there’s more to owning expensive items than just stashing them in a desk drawer. With or without insurance, it’s essential to protect your valuables and while you may scoff at the idea, you’d be surprised at the pervasiveness of myths that surround safes (and safety!) We’ve partnered with Brown Safe to bust some of these myths and show you why a good safe is a sound investment.

Myth 1: My jewelry is pretty safe because I keep it in a locked drawer or cupboard
It may be safe from your nosey teenage daughter but it certainly isn’t from a burglar. Thieves are prepared and they won’t give up on the first try. Your desk drawer will not be resistant to lock picks, crowbars or other tools that can be used to easily open up the locked compartment. Brown Safe jewelry safes are bulletproof and resistant to drill and pry attacks thanks to their armor plating and superior strength.

Myth 2: I live in a secure neighborhood/apartment so my valuables don’t need protection
Even if you aren’t concerned about burglaries (which, really you should be!) your precious valuables are always at risk of damage in an accidental fire. It’s always unwise to try and save any personal possessions at the risk of your life and personal safety when your home is on fire. In such a situation, you will be grateful that you invested in a quality safe like the Gem Safe from Brown Safe which is fireproof and can withstand a temperature of 1700 degrees for over an hour. The walls of the safe are encased within 2.5 inches of a high pressure concrete based mixture and the door of the safe receives a 2 inch layer of composite material.

Myth 3: I only have a little jewelry, a safe is too expensive/too big
If you’re starting out or if you’re a minimalist with fewer items of monetary or sentimental value, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on their safety. Ditch the old fashioned (and highly unsafe) vintage jewelry box and get yourself a Mini-Gem or Gem 2418 safe. These are smaller safes that do not compromise on safety, but take up less space and make a great home for your cherished items. The Mini Gem is priced at just $2,575 while the Gem 2418 starts at $3,490.

Myth 4: Safes are eyesores
Don’t let the safes you’ve seen in movies and cartoons fool you. These aren’t the ugly black monstrosities you’ve seen on TV. Nor are they the kind that are poorly concealed behind paintings. Brown Safe’s Gem Series products belong in your wardrobe or walk in closet, because they are incredibly beautiful and luxurious. Not at all what comes to mind when you think of the word “bulletproof”. On the outside, a number of colors and finishes are available so they fit in seamlessly with the rest of your décor. On the inside, you can choose one of eight available hardwoods to form the actual “jewelry box”. The company will also offer you custom finishes and materials if you want something unique. The jewelry drawers are lined with classic black velvet, but other options like ivory velvet and Ultrasuede® (a synthetic microfiber). As always the company will offer a variety of other custom color options and patterns for those who seek something personalized. Pretty designs not quite your thing? Their more “masculine” designs like the Chronos carbon fiber safe are also deserving of attention, irrespective of your gender.

Myth 5: Safes aren’t any good to me because I can never remember combination codes!
While Brown Safe does offer a traditional Mechanical Dial Lock and a more familiar Electronic Keypad Lock, those with fickle memories need not fear because the company has kept up with modern tech. Their Biometric Fingerprint Reading Lock requires no memorizing of combinations, so if you’re the type to scribble down your pin number a paper (don’t do that!) then this option is sure to put you at ease.

Still in doubt? A look at their website will convince you that your valuables are in safe hands.

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