Sanarium with SaunaPUR lets you bask in the glory of five different types of baths

The various moods of the human mind yearn for different types of spa therapies. The Sanarium with SaunaPUR is here to delight you with a range of baths for complete relaxation. You can choose between tropical bath, soft steam bath, aroma bath, warm air bath, and sauna. The main attraction is the Sauna with SaunaPUR feature, wherein the furnace can be preheated at 80 to 85°C and switched off to enjoy a soft, radiant heat. The Sauna also combines aromatherapy for stimulating healing properties to soothe your senses.

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The humidity sensor integrated in the speaker lets you enjoy a sauna bath with soothing nature sounds or tranquil acoustic music. Sanarium with SaunaPUR will set you back $4,262.
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