Savoir beds collaborates with Nicky Haslam for a $20,000 masterpiece bed

Savoir beds were first created for the distinguished patrons of the Savoy Hotel, a hotel known to host some of the most respected and famous names of our times. It is unsurprising then that in their quest for comfort and design excellence, Savoir Beds handpicked designer Nicky Haslam for a collaboration that has resulted in one of the most luxurious and opulent beds that we’ve seen. The Nicky Haslam bed is truly an exercise in all things hedonistic with its large and imposing headboard upholstered in Martora Arancio Rubelli velvet. The base, upholstered in Martora Ebano keeps up the theme of linear fluidity while the gold painted detail on the headboard lends a regal touch.

nicky-hasslam-bed-2Soon to be available at Harrods showroom for £12,470 (that’s $20,360) the bed promises to be the scene stealer of your bedroom. Its imposing design is well in keeping with Interior designer Nicky Haslam’s aesthetic. The designer is one of the best known names in the interior business and his firm NH Design Inc. (founded in 1980) is now famous as one of the most important luxury interior design offices in the United Kingdom. Haslam’s design talent is particularly prized for its high end appeal and bespoke touch. With a clientele that includes Charles Saatchi, Rupert Everett and Rod Stewart, you can’t expect anything less!


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