Savoir beds pairs with a Parisian designer for a $45,000 bed

Emma Thompson was able to get her insomnia cured with a Savoir. Such is the power of one of the most exclusive, luxurious beds of all time. British bed maker Savior has announced a new collaboration with Parisian architect and designer Robert Couturier. He has created a design where past meets present and design meets tradition. The design resembles a gondola-shaped bed and features sinuous curves giving the eye a treat; not to overlook the subtle yet sophisticated choice of colour combination – blue, silver and grey. The fabric used is Italian textile-editeur Dedar – while the surround frame uses Amoire Libre, the headboard is upholstered in Alexander fabric. The design is an inspiration from the 1920’s Art Deco period amalgamated with today’s hunger for sophistication in abstract style.

Savoir beds paris 2
But man alone isn’t given the chance to snore at peace, even if it comes at a price of $45,262 precisely (includes a king-size Savoir No2 bedset and HW mattress topper). Beast gets a go too. Robert, another victim of Savoir’s enticing prowess, has also added a complementary dog bed design. The bed will cost $3,850 and will have the same colour scheme and fittings as its master’s bed. The next time someone says ‘gone to the dogs’, it will most likely mean he got thrown into a pool with Kim Kardashian and a more graceful company of Moët & Chandon.

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