Savoir Beds unveils designer collection crafted by Arik Levy and Teo Lang

If well crafted mattresses and funky headboards to go along with it interest you much, Savoir Beds is the name you must rely on. The London-based brand that is known for its exclusively styled bedding has recently collaborated with revered designers Arik Levy and Teo Lang for its new line. The result being a pair of top-quality mattresses and eclectic looking headboards that you will be tempted to have for your bedroom almost instantly!

Rendering an artistic touch to the brand’s already established repute, Arik Levy and Teo Lang have worked up their best for the exclusive bedding pieces. The first in the duo titled SHIFT 01 is designed by Arik Levy that shows an upholstered bed with a stacked headboard build from moving horizontal panels. The shifting panel boards that can be arranged as desired, also double up as shelves for extra-utility without comprising even a tab bit on comfort.

The next piece in line titled MOON 01 is Korean designer Teo Lang’s brainchild. It takes inspiration from the moon that is also believed to be a symbol of luck and wealth in East Asian culture. Lang’s design shows a full moon at the center with two smaller moons on the sides that together represent three virtues of joy, inspiration and creativity. While the prices for both the beds remain unknown as of now, be prepared to shell out anything beyond $8,000 for the Savoir name!


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