See yourself in a whole different perspective with this mechanical mirror

Bored of looking at yourself in a regular mirror? Whether you answered that with a yes or no, these kinetic sculptures cum mirrors are bound to blow your mind either way. Developed by a New York City-based artist named Daniel Rozen, the exclusive creations provide an illusion of sorts while compelling you to look twice, even thrice as hard at their eclectic make.

YouTube video

Part of the maverick’s ongoing mechanical mirror series, the new kinetic sculptures offer viewers a different way of looking at themselves using video cameras, motors, and computers that are hidden out of sight. Each piece in the collection is kinetic and comes with a sensor that picks up the image of the viewer and accordingly moves the screen to reflect the form of the person standing in front. Rozen’s mesmerizing objects are made from various materials like wood, soft pom-poms, and even trash and are an epitome of illusionary art at its best.

Commenting on his work, the artist in a statement said, “As you move, suddenly the piece moves. So then the piece is moving and that captures your eye, and you say ‘Oh my God, this is a kinetic piece. It’s moving. That’s very cool.’ And after maybe a few more seconds, you say ‘Hey, this piece is moving in tandem with me. It’s interactive. I’m actually creating what’s going on there.'” Well, if you’d like a new mirror in your home that conveniently doubles as art, Rozen’s eclectic wonders are just what you need!


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