Shades of Grey: Grey Sycamore Cocktail Box by David Linley

50 Shades of Grey? Not quite literally- we have been seriously turned on by the David Linley’s latest cocktail box ‘Grey Sycamore’. Exquisitely handcrafted in hand dyed charcoal veneers of ripple and straight sycamore highlighted by mother of pearl dots, this cocktail box is any discerning gentleman’s best secret.

Featuring a Trafalgar cocktail shaker, four martini glasses, four shot glasses, four olive sticks, four magnetic coasters, silver ice tongs, silver cocktail swizzle stick and silver spirit measure, the Grey Sycamore is the only cocktail box you will ever need. Plus, there is a hidden secret drawer at the base of the box to store chopping board and knife.

david-linley-cocktail-box-2The interior is lined in bleached anigre and features a glass mirror etched with classic cocktail recipes for inspiration. Of course luxury like this comes at a price. The Grey Sycamore Cocktail Box costs £16,000 ($26,000). Customers can also get their name or initials engraved on the cocktail box for extra charges.

[Available at David-Linley]

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