Shark-themed chairs and table brings Jaws into your living room

The Rhino Chair and the Elephant Chair were all about the beasts on land. It is time to invoke the marine wildlife with three new furniture pieces- the Makoman Coffee Table, Makoman Shark Chair, and Makoman Monster Chair. Beautifully crafted in a sleek and sexy ‘S’ shape, the Makoman Coffee Table is a delighting view from the top, ideal for your home, office, showroom, or trade show. The Makoman Shark chair looks majestic in a white vinyl exterior that can be engraved with your company’s logo to add that touch of exclusivity to your working atmosphere. The chair will find itself at home anywhere, right from trade shows, showrooms, lobbies to offices.

Makoman Monster Chair is an extraordinary piece of furniture that the only one made in the world, hence the price tag of $8,000. The chair is designed for a pro athlete or someone with a large structure, so whoever buys the massive chair should be over 6’5” tall. The Makoman Coffee Table will cost $3,000, while the Makoman Shark Chair will set you back $5,000.
[Available at Makoman via Gizmodo]

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