Ladies and Gentlemen – Here is a levitating light bulb

We’ve seen a number of fascinating lighting solutions before, but certainly none of those are as eye-catching as the Flyte. Designed by Simon Morris, this light bulb literally levitates and uses science to create an astounding visual. The Flyte light uses magnetic levitation to its benefit and has a lifetime of 22 years! Sporting a wooden base, the Flyte has magnets that enable it to levitate above its base. To switch the bulb on and off, a user simply needs to touch the wooden base. The LED bulb draws power from the base wirelessly.

As for the base module itself, this wooden block contains a wireless power transmitter and an electromagnet. These team up with the wireless power receiver and electromagnet on the bottom of the bulb. The bulb is easy to set up and all you need to do is place it upright on the base and watch it rise and settle into position, hovering above the wooden base. Apart from powering up the bulb itself, the base can also be used to wirelessly charge a smartphone, making it the perfect addition to your work desk. Morris is currently looking for funding for the Flyte light on Kickstarter and is offering one of these for pledges of $239.

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[ Via : Homeli ]