Sit-To-Walkstation: Workout at work

Constant and long working hours take a toll on your health, especially if your work involves sitting on a desk all day. The incessant hours of just sitting in one place are sure to leave you with many aches and pains. Hence it is essential to stand up and stretch or go for a short walk before continuing with your work. But very few would follow this routine to maintain their health. This negligence has given rise to products such as the Sit-To-Walkstation. This amazing combination of a desk and treadmill allows the user to get up and walk or jog on the treadmill without leaving his workspace. A great way to stay energized, healthy, and lose some calories, the Sit-to-Walkstation is just amazing.

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This incredible product is priced at $4,900 and available here. I know it’s expensive, but the health benefits make it worthwhile. After all – Health is wealth.

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