Skypak offers 22carat gold airplane trolley

I don’t know about you, but I think an airplane trolley would make for a unique way to serve refreshments and drinks to guests coming to my home. The idea of butler rolling the trolley the same way an air stewardess does sounds not just innovative and fun but classy as well. Here is one of the most luxe airplane trolleys that will surely help you present that classy act for those who think the same. Skypak is the brand that has given a second life on the ground to the airplane trolleys. Skypak has taken an original airplane trolley and put in meticulous manual work to transform it into a high-end creation. An excellent 22-carat gold foil is applied leaf by leaf to the trolley’s side sections and subsequently sealed with a clear protective varnish.

The price for this exquisite creation begins at 4,290 and you can order it here.