Slayer Espresso Machine – A $18,000 device for your precious cup of coffee

A good barista cannot serve well without a good coffee-maker. And the rarer your machines are, the better are your chances of gaining recognition. While the hand-made Slayer espresso machine is not really a new product to hit the market, it’s only installed in 20-coffee shops all over the world. And now RBC NYC is the first to get one of these beauties to the east of Michigan. On the outside, this espresso machine has a soothing visual appeal using wood meshes with contoured metal. Priced at $18,000, what makes it so desirable is not its external design alone.

The machine enables the coffee maker to play around with the pressure setting to come up with an array of flavors and coffee textures. But you need to invest time to master such a fastidious machine.