Sleep pods are passe’ this $90,000 Relaxation pod is what you need to melt the stress away

Switzerland’s famous anti-aging clinic Biotonus has designed a relaxation pod that promises to put users in a blissful state. Sleep pods have been around for the past few years now, and have even become a common sight at some airports and offices. The cool thing about this one is that is supposedly totally heat, sound and light proof – a true capsule that allows you to completely forget the outside world.

Inside, a heated waterbed keeps you comfortable while preprogrammed music and lighting put you into a state of deep relaxation. If you truly want to avoid thinking about the world, this is probably one of the only pods that lets you feel like you’ve tuned out completely.

Of course, this kind of relaxation doesn’t come cheap. While you don’t have to go far to buy the Relaxman capsule (it’s available on Amazon) the $89,995 price tag may just scare you off. This is exactly the kind of extravagant item that’s probably going to end up on Neiman Marcus’s fantasy gift catalog this year, or maybe on Oprah’s list of favorite things. You heard it here first!

[Available at: Amazon]

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