Sleeping Tomorrow is the ultimate bed of the future

Sleepy or not, a bed is the only place where you can stretch out and relax as if you’ve been zonked out. Personally, I love my bed, and there are days I never want to leave its comfortable confines for the world. And even if you wish, how could you possible part away from these beauties – especially the lomme bed, among innovative others like the cloud bed, sonic bed, or the Morfeo? Well add to this ‘Sleeping Tomorrow’ (yes that is what it’s called), and you have the entire package. The bed is an innovative futuristic invention by DesleeClama’s Innovation and Design Centre (iDC) teamed up with Axel Enthoven, a renowned Belgian concept and product designer. “This is what sleeping can be like in the future” is what claims the bed manufacturer.

Shaped as a cocoon, the Sleeping Tomorrow bed, viewed from a side angle resembles an open suitcase. That’s how compact and practical it is. It uses high-quality stretchy fabrics, which are not only pleasant to touch, but also fit easily around different shapes and objects.

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This is not all, since the bed comes with a futuristic tag, one can be guaranteed of technologically advanced that has been well integrated into the bed. This includes, a built-in smart screen with loudspeakers (akin to Ruf-Cinema multimedia bed), subtle lights below the bed and under its top flap, either of which turns on in case you happen to get off the bed at night, and adjustable mattresses.

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The lights also enables you to catch a quick read before sleep. The cocoon-shaped headboard is covered with DesleeClama’s Sound Absorbing upholstery fabric, which assures you a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. So what’s your take on the ‘Sleeping Tomorrow’ bed?

[Via – Desleeclama]