Smart Media Shower concept lets you view videos, play music and make calls

The digital era has turned us into social media addicts who can’t stay away from their iDevices even for a minute. A few minutes in the bath make us so restless that we often run out in a flurry to attend texting and accessing media. Some genius has created this Smart Media Shower concept that lets you access media even in the shower. It is a stainless steel structure with OLED interactive glass panels and display panels to sync with any in-house smartphone and tablet. This allows any user to browse music or videos and make direct phone calls from the booth.

A relaxed setting is ensured by a classically designed water control stem that uses a see-through channel and surrounding illuminations. The booth also features an anti-bacterial cypress wood base with a surrounding drainage system that naturally kills bacteria, viruses, viral infections, and fungus. This ensures a certain hygiene level, temperature, and humidity in the base area. The Smart Media Shower is something that we would all be delighted to have in our homes.
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