Sogno massage chair by Inada massages 1,200 square inches of you

What would I do if I had $6000? Pamper me crazy by investing in the latest Sogno (pronounced “SOHN-yo”) massage chair by Inada. I love massages and hardly miss a single opportunity to hit the spa. Thanks to Inada, I can have the relaxing experience of a massage in my very home. The massage chair is so good it even promises health benefits for your back, shoulders, arms, and fingertips. Songo, which means “dream” in Italian, can massage over 1,200 square inches of you as you sit in it. Sounds so thrilling. But here is the best part. Every Sogno massage begins with an infrared body scan that compares a user’s profile to 106 stored body profiles and gives you the right massage for your body type. Your body will be pampered with a range of variation and choreography in kneading, tapping, and sophisticated stroke combinations. I can imagine spending hours on this beautiful chair and pampering my body to an exquisite relaxing experience. Winner of the prestigious CES Innovation Award for 2009 for its impeccable balance of comfort, functionality, and design, the Sogno chair is definitely great.

Priced at $6000 and available at, this is one chair that is totally worth its price.

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